OHCSF | Manpower Development Office (MDO)

Men and materials are the keys to production and nation building, but men are the ultimate resource that needs to be managed and planned for. Thus Manpower Planning is now a vital area of focus in all public and private sector organizations in Nigeria and the world over. Manpower planning at the strategic level is a process that identifies organizational plans, number of personnel in place, number of personnel required in future, identification of internal and external sources from which to draw potential recruits for selection and placement, training, development, and appraisal.  Manpower planning at the operational level consists of putting the right number of people, the right kind of people at the right place, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement or organizational goals.  The current restructuring in the Federal Civil Service saw the need for manpower planning and utilization as vital to realisation of the goals of the Reform Agenda of the present administration, to this end a new Department – Manpower Planning, Audit & Monitoring was created in the Manpower Development Office, Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation – to carry out Manpower Planning functions Service –Wide. 

The Structure and Functions of Manpower Development Office:
Permanent Secretary (MDO)Manpower Planning, Audit and Monitoring Department in MDO in the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation is mandated with manpower audit, conduct research and advise on all manpower needs, deployment and utilization in the Federal Civil Service.  In addition, the Department has the responsibility of carrying out initial assessment of basic academic and professional competencies/capabilities in the Public Service with a view to making judgement and recommendations on who is to be confirmed, and retained in the service or be advised to withdraw for poor examination results.  This assessment is an essential requirement in human capital planning which is aimed at establishing the quality of officers/employees performance and to determine their career  progression. 
Manpower Planning, Audit & Monitoring Department:
Structure of the Department:

The Manpower Planning Department is presently made up of two Divisions namely:

  • Planning & Evaluation;

  • Research, Audit and Monitoring.

Functions of the Department

  1.  Assist to formulate policies and programmes on manpower planning, deployment and utilization. To ensure implementation of same for the enhancement of optimal productivity in the Federal Civil Service.
  2. Collaborate with and be consulted by the relevant office(s) of MDAs on manpower planning, deployment and utilization.
  3. Carry out initial assessment of academic and professional competencies of officers recruited into the Public Service at junior, intermediate and senior levels through.
    • Compulsory Confirmation Examination (COMPRO I & III).
    • Combined Confirmation/Promotion Examination (COMPRO II) as enshrined in the Public Service Rules Chapter 6, Section 060201.
  4. Collect, collate, analyse and disseminate manpower information from the data generated through surveys, studies and enquires including administrative means in the Federal Civil Service (Consultation with PRS/HRM Department of the MDAs and Bureau of Statistics). 
  5. Organise seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia and related activities on the importance of manpower planning for optimal realization of organizational goals and objectives.
  6. Build a databank on staff that will give a picture of the structure and contents of the workforce, for the purpose of manpower planning, development and succession plans in the Federal Civil Service.
  7. Liaise with relevant government Agencies in order to be abreast of the National Socio-Economic objectives of the system with a view to address the manpower needs in the Federal Civil Service to meet the requirements of the new challenges.